Ramsey Solutions is a trusted source of expert advice on money, wealth building, business, personal development, leadership and mental health. Over 23 million people tune in weekly to its radio shows, podcasts and videos who are fed up with “normal” and seeking hope. The Ramsey Network app serves fans by bringing this life-changing content together in one place.


Senior Product Designer, Ramsey Solutions


  • Advocate for user-centered approach
  • User interviews
  • Flows, wireframes, and prototypes
  • Test and iterate based on insights and data
  • Assist with implementation (Xamarin, React)


Ramsey had an existing app for the renowned Dave Ramsey Show. However as more shows were created, we wanted to create a place to give listeners easy access to all of Ramsey Solutions’ shows, in an effort to cross-promote our life-changing content and maximize lives changed.


We identified a core persona who is a devout fan of Ramsey’s content. They desired one destination to interact with the full variety of shows that Ramsey Solutions produces. Unlike the persona of the more casual listener, devout fans want a place to listen to shows from Ramsey Solutions free of the distractions of other podcasts or music. They also expressed desire to browse content by topic and save ideas that resonated with them.


Listen Live & On-Demand

Episodes of all shows can be played in one convenient place. Play progress is saved for each episode and episodes can be downloaded for listening offline or without using data.


Explore Content by Topic

The Discover tab gives users access to a living library of fan-favorite moments like Dave rants, debt-free screams, Millionaire Theme Hours and more. Crowdsourced clips are organized by topic for increased discoverability of relevant information.


Make & Share Clips

Clip Creator allows users to save and share episode segments that resonate with them instead of being forced to write down time stamps of parts they want to reference later or share with others.


Save Favorites to Library

My Library consists of clips that users create from favorite episodes or save from the Discover tab.

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