EntreLeadership Elite is a suite of tools empowering business owners to lead their teams and grow their business. Build a healthy culture, create a strategic plan, and scale business the Ramsey way.


Design Lead, Ramsey Solutions


  • Advocate for user-centered approach
  • User interviews
  • Flows, wireframes, and prototypes
  • Test and iterate based on insights and data
  • Assist with implementation (HTML, CSS)


Business-owner Ramsey fans are familiar with EntreLeadership events, coaching, and media which provide motivational and useful content they love. We learned that they want to go deeper and learn tactical ways to lead their teams and grow their business the Ramsey way.

User Research

We identified a core persona who is a business owner that is very skilled at providing the service of the business, but is now in a leadership role. They don’t have the training to manage people and scale the business well, leaving them feeling frantically busy and overwhelmed.


Helping Business Owners Create Strategic Alignment with Their Team

Build a Desired Future

See Desired Future and all the related Objectives and Key Results that are required to bring the strategy to life.

Set Defining Objectives & Key Results

Add, edit, and update Defining Objectives and Key Results so that the team can stay aligned over time.

Share With Team Members

Share with others who are responsible for bringing the Desired future to live. Those who have access can update the board.


Enabling Leaders to Keep a Pulse On the Health of Their Team

Team Members Submit Weekly Reports

Each week, team members report how they’re doing. These reports get aggregated into the Leaders dashboard for their review at the beginning of the week.

Team Health and Insights at a Glance

Leaders see how their team is doing at the end of each week, including 9-week trend for morale, stress, and workload.

Detailed Reports for Each Team Member

Leaders get a summary each week where they can review each team members report and comment with any input they’d like to provide.

Other Activities

Product Strategy & Vision

Partnered with product stakeholders to co-create a product vision based on known user and business goals to foster clarity and alignment within our squads.

Delightful Onboarding

To add delight to the product’s onboarding flow, I wanted to add some animation. I coded an example in CodePen to clarify desired spec and ease implementation for engineers.¬†View CodePen.

Advocate & Coach

Coached designers, writers, and engineers to ensure a great user experience across the product including advocating for the adoption of the design system, resulting in added design consistency and implementation efficiencies.

Global Navigation & Style

Two core features of the product had different style and navigation. I redesigned them to create a cohesive experience and reduce unnecessary cognitive load.